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Chiropractor 33560 Detroit Road Avon OH (440) 207-9854A local chiropractor in Avon, OH can by reached by dialing (440) 207-9854, the number for HealthSource of Avon. We are a professional chiropractic company that can help with everything from reducing joint inflammation to bringing you headache relief. Whether you are looking for chiropractic treatment for injuries or want to improve your posture and spinal health, we are here to lend a hand.

Come in for a full consultation so that we can properly identify your issue and determine the best approach to take for treatment. Our Avon chiropractor for adjustment knows how to treat whiplash, so come see us after you have been in an auto accident so we can see if your spine has been affected. We offer pediatric chiropractic services so that children can find treatment for scoliosis and other musculoskeletal problems. Our team also performs spinal decompression, which can be helpful if you are suffering from a slipped disc or misaligned vertebrae. Some of the other things we treat include sciatica, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Make the call to HealthSource of Avon at (440) 207-9854 the next time you want to see a chiropractor in Avon, OH. We can relieve back and neck pain using precise spinal manipulations that will allow your body to function properly and heal itself. Put an end to your discomfort and start improving your wellness by calling us today to schedule a consultation.

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Chiropractor in Avon, OH
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