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North Veterinary Clinic 118 Ashford Center Road Ashford CT (860) 821-0931Are you searching for a vet in Ashford, CT? Then call North Veterinary Clinic at (860) 341-1390. Our veterinarians provide your pet with compassionate care when they need it most.

As a small animal emergency veterinary clinic, we provide our patients with a variety of procedures and preventive measures. We offer personalized animal flea control that is designed specifically for your pet's needs and environment. Spaying and neutering your pet can help to prevent overpopulation in animals, and promote a healthy life later down the road. Providing your pet with a permanent identification with animal microchipping is a safe and effective way to ensure that your pet is returned to you if they become lost.

Our Ashford veterinarians are trained in veterinary dentistry and they know the importance of regular cleanings and examinations, in order to prevent oral diseases. On occasion there are pets that, because of old age, sickness, or outside influence, do not respond to any treatments given to them. Our veterinary euthanasia is a quick and painless procedure, which is designed to not add stress to your pet or to you. 

When you need a big or small animal vet in Ashford, CT, then come to North Veterinary Clinic. For your convenience we are open Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, and Saturdays 8:30am – 1pm, and can be reached at (860) 341-1390. Our staff is here when you need a loving and helping hand.

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Vet in Ashford, CT
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