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Chiropractor 414 N Fayettville Street Asheboro NC (336) 447-6669Gentle care from a chiropractor in Asheboro, NC is found with a call to (336) 447-6669.  Dr. Darin Denamur at HealthSource of Asheboro offers a wide range of hands-on treatments to alleviate neck pain and many other health problems.  Whether you’re involved in an accident or have cervical disc problems, here is where to call for the best in adult or pediatric chiropractic care.

If you’ve suffered a stroke or brain injury, you’ll probably need some time to properly rehabilitate.  One thing you should do is call an Asheboro chiropractor that offers chiropractic neurology services to aid in your rehab efforts.  Dr. Denamur is a leading chiropractic physician able to help with these or like concerns.

Dr. Denamur works side by side with massage therapists and other specialists to aid you in relieving muscle, joint or back pain.  You can seek aid with herniated discs through spinal decompression therapy or take advantage of traction and flexion-distraction therapies.  Are you rehabilitating from a serious injury?  Contact us about chiropractic treatment for injuries to speed your safe injury recovery.

The best resource to those looking for a chiropractor in Asheboro, NC is to call HealthSource of Asheboro.  We have a team of doctors and other specialists ready to help patients of all ages.  Call us at (336) 447-6669 and let us end your pain.

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Chiropractor in Asheboro, NC
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