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Podiatrist 17432 Smokey Point Boulevard Arlington WA (425) 224-7622You will reach a skilled podiatrist in Arlington, WA for all foot or ankle problems by dialing (425) 224-7622.  Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic boasts a highly experienced team of podiatric physicians and surgeons dedicated to providing you relief from pain-causing injuries, deformities or disorders of the feet or ankles.  Do you have flat feet?  Ask about custom foot orthotics for additional arch support by calling now.

Ankle injuries can be particularly painful and leave you unable to walk.  If you sustain severe ankle sprains or worse injuries, the best treatment will be found by visiting an Arlington podiatrist that offers podiatric orthopedics care.  We offer care for minor ankle injuries along with any needed ankle surgery including a complete joint replacement.

The goal of each of our doctors is to provide the best possible treatments to relieve ankle and foot pain no matter the cause of it.  A call here will get you podiatric disorder treatments for toenail fungus or take care of surgical removal of all types of podiatric deformities.  That is why if you’re feeling pain in your lower extremities, you’ll want to call us for the proper podiatric care.

The first and only call to make for a podiatrist in Arlington, WA is to Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic.  We’ve been around for over 25 years and are ready to help with your foot and ankle problems.  Call us at (425) 224-7622 to reach our caring foot doctors.

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Podiatrist in Arlington, WA
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