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Physical Therapy 3256 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor MI (734) 418-8887Talk with experts about injury physical therapy in Ann Arbor, MI with one call to Physical Therapy in Motion.  (734) 418-8887 is what you dial to reach a team of sports and work injury rehab specialists able to create a custom care plan to aid you with a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.  Do you suffer from daily pain caused by a chronic condition?  Ask about chronic pain management solutions by calling today.

Knee or other serious joint injuries in sporting events often require surgery to repair then an extensive rehab period.  Once your surgery is complete, you’ll want to find an Ann Arbor physical therapy clinic able to offer advanced postsurgical rehabilitation services.  Call our sports injury specialists when you want a team of experienced physical therapists helping you through sports injury rehab.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive care to aid each patient with a wide range of physical health concerns.  You can reach us for sports medicine therapies for athletes of all ages or call about orthopedic therapy for chronic shoulder, elbow or knee joint pain.  Do your hands hurt?  Call here to find a hand therapist to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other problems.

The search for physical therapy in Ann Arbor, MI will end with one call to our number below.  Physical Therapy in Motion offers complete care of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.  Call us at (734) 418-8887 to schedule your first appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, MI
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