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Animal Boarding 900 E Broadway Anaheim CA 92805 (714) 426-9383Want a hard working animal vet in Anaheim, CA? Then there is no one better than Cottage Pet Hospital at (714) 495-2768. Select a company that's passionate about what they do. Our veterinarians are prepared for whatever you can bring their way.

They know how to do flea control to rid your dog or cat of those annoying bugs. Also our grooming service lets your precious pets get a good cleaning and brushing so they can feel relaxed and fresh. Short, fat, small, or large breeds, it doesn't matter bring them all to us when they need help.

We will not turn our backs on them because every creature on this planet deserves to be helped in their time of need. Let our holistic veterinary medicine prove itself by bringing them in today. Do not lose your furry friend again. Microchipping is an economic and safe product that will track your pets location at all times. Also remember that we do declawing so your cat will not scratch the stuffing out of your couch anymore.

If they need a doggy or cat sitter let us take the lead with our animal boarding daycare. Call Cottage Pet Hospital at (714) 495-2768 for an animal vet in Anaheim, CA you can truly count on. Get the facts to make the right choice now!

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Vet in Anaheim, CA
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