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Talk to a medical marijuana doctor in Anaheim, CA who can provide you with a medical marijuana evaluation. At SME Medical Management, formerly Serenity Medical Evaluations, you can speak with one of our individual licensed Doctors who can explain the benefits of using Medical Cannabis for your chronic pain. Dial (909) 764-6417 to schedule an appointment with on of our medical marijuana doctors today.

If you suffer from pain caused by Crohn's disease or Parkinson's disease, contact an Anaheim medical marijuana doctor for help. Over the years, our doctors have discovered the healing powers that cannabis has. Talk to a medical marijuana practitioner about how this herb can alleviate your pain in a safe and natural way.

When you come to our office at 3845 La Sierra Ave. Suite 200 D in Riverside, CA or at 3757 Riverside Dr. Chino, CA 91710, our medical marijuana physician will determine if you are a proper candidate for a cannabis card. We work with legitimate medical patients, teens and adults who have proper medical records to validate their medical issues. Once we distribute the proper documentation to you, you can then legally purchase marijuana from any medical cannabis dispensary. Find the solution to your pain the safe and natural way by scheduling an appointment for a medical marijuana referral and talking with our cannabis doctor today.

Get your medical marijuana card for the natural solution to your chronic pain. Contact a medical marijuana doctor now by dialing (909) 764-6417 to schedule an appointment with SME Medical Management. The solution to your discomfort is a phone call away.

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Anaheim, CA