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Physical Therapy 12549 Holiday Drive, Unit D 60803 (708) 844-7506You can rehabilitate work injuries with physical therapy in Alsip, IL through NovaCare Rehabilitation.  With a quick call to (708) 844-7506 you’ll reach a certified occupational therapist able to provide rehabilitative treatments along with return-to-work conditioning to keep you from being re-injured.  Therapist Mary Poe has over 25 years of experience providing relief from injury pain while aiding her patients in recovering quickly and safely.

Injuries, regardless of where you’re hurt, can leave you dealing with a lot of pain.  To deal with these and other pains naturally you need to find an Alsip physical therapy provider that can help you with pain management.  Mary offers sports medicine therapies, work injury help, and other treatments to help manage injury pain while you’re healing.

A quick call here will put you in touch with occupational therapy specialists ready to help with minor to severe injuries.  This means you can seek aid with adult neuro rehabilitation after a brain injury or find custom orthotics like braces and splints to help with extremity injuries.  Are you hiring for a difficult job?  We can provide physical fitness screening to ensure potential hires will meet the job requirements.

Make the right choice for physical therapy in Alsip, IL by calling us at NovaCare Rehabilitation.  Mary Poe is dedicated to helping her patients rehabilitate injuries properly.  Schedule a complimentary screening by calling (708) 844-7506 today.

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Physical Therapy in Alsip, IL
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