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Vet 3002 Atlantic Avenue Allenwood NJ 08720 (732) 927-1991Are you looking for a vet in Allenwood, NJ that cares for different animal species?  Then dial (732) 927-1991 to reach Allenwood Animal Hospital, a full service pet care clinic able to offer preventative, general, and advanced care to dogs, cats, reptiles, pocket pets and more.  From flea and tick control solutions to advanced veterinary surgery, here is where you’ll find exceptional animal healthcare.
When an old and faithful animal friend is terminally ill, you’ll probably want to help him/her end their pain.  Even though losing a pet is very difficult, you should call on an Allenwood vet that will provide humane veterinary euthanasia.  You can count on our veterinarians when the time comes to put an old friend down.
Whether your pet ferret is not doing well or you’re looking for a reptile veterinarian our doctors are ready to help.  We offer veterinary dermatology care to end problems with itchy skin along with complete veterinary dental care and cleanings.  Did you recently add a new pet to the family?  We offer new puppy and kitten care packages including pet vaccinations, parasite prevention, and more.
Give a call to Allenwood Animal Hospital when you need a caring vet in Allenwood, NJ.  Our doctors offer the best in medical, dental, and surgical care for all kinds of pets.  Call us at (732) 927-1991 right now.

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Vet in Allenwood, NJ
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