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VCA Mission Animal Hospital 25 West Mission Road Alhambra CA (626) 988-5380Finding the right vet in Alhambra, CA for dogs and cats is easy.  Just dial (626) 988-5380 for an appointment at VCA Mission Animal Hospital, a full service clinic catering to all breeds of dogs and housecats.  Whether you’re welcoming a new family friend that requires pet vaccinations or desire the best in geriatric pet care, ours is the number you’ll want to dial first.

When animals go into heat, they’re not concerned with much else besides breeding.  If you want to keep your dog or cat at home during these times of year, you should think about calling an Alhambra vet able to offer spaying and neutering procedures.  Our veterinarians will take care of this along with veterinary surgery for soft tissues injuries and more.

We have years of experience offering a wide range of canine and feline health and wellness services to help keep family pets active and healthy.  You can bring a dog in for veterinary dentistry to control bad breath or clean yellowing teeth or anytime you’re interested in animal microchipping to help locate a lost animal.  Do you have a suffering pet?  Call us about humane veterinary euthanasia today.

Choosing where you call for a vet in Alhambra, CA is easy when you dial our number first.  VCA Mission Animal Hospital is the local expert you want caring for your dogs or cats.  Dialing (626) 988-5380 helps you schedule a veterinary appointment right now.

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Vet in Alhambra, CA
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