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Pain Management 1133 MacArthur Dr Suite B Alexandria LA 71301 (318) 769-0571 If you have been injured and seek a chiropractor in Alexandria, LA, Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center at (318) 769-0571 offers the thorough exam and expert chiropractic care you desire. Our state-of-the-art facility has a caring staff and the latest technology to assist with your treatment, no matter how much pain you may be feeling. Using our customized pain management program, we can reduce your existing discomfort, while helping your body heal.

We understand the impact that excessive pain can make on your mental and physical stress levels, so let us help you out. Our Alexandria chiropractor is a trained and licensed practitioner, specializing in treating recent or on-going pain problems. If you experience upper or lower back pain, knee or hip pain, we offer a treatment program that includes skeletal adjustments and soft tissue manipulations to minimize or relieve this discomfort all together.

Contact our office for help treating your injury and its respective pain or discomfort. We offer treatment for whiplash, neck pain or headaches that are occurring due to your auto accident or other injury. We also specialize in treatments for sports injuries, slip and falls and work-related injuries for you or any member of your family. Our treatment plan can help relieve your pinched nerve through physical adjustments and manipulations, so call now.

Visit the team at Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center for a trusted chiropractor in Alexandria, LA. Simply phone our office at (318) 769-0571 to arrange a convenient appointment to begin your treatment. Why wait? Contact us now.

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Chiropractor in Alexandria, LA
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