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Vet 1124 State Highway 34 Aberdeen NJ 07747 (732) 851-3980When you need a vet in Aberdeen, NJ, call Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital at (732) 851-3980.  Dr. Jonathan Bach is a full service veterinarian offering multiple approaches to care for injured or ill animals.  From standard medicines and treatments to veterinary acupuncture and herbal remedies, here is where you’ll find the best possible care for sick pets.
Critical health issues can arise in animals of any species.  If your dog or cat requires life-saving veterinary surgery for an injury or is seriously ill from ingesting something harmful, you’ll want to find an Aberdeen vet able to help.  Give us a call to arrange emergency veterinary care by an experienced feline, canine, or exotic animal vet.
You can count on Dr. Bach to provide outstanding care for puppies, kittens, and older dogs or cats to ensure furry friends stay at your side.  He offers veterinary dentistry services including cleanings and x-rays along with a fully stocked pet pharmacy with advanced flea and tick control solutions.  Can’t bring your pet in?  Call about veterinary house calls for in-home pet healthcare today.
The one and only call to make for a vet in Aberdeen, NJ is to Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital.  Dr. Jonathan Bach offers exceptional animal medical care in his clinic or at your home.  Reach out to him anytime your pet needs medical attention by dialing (732) 851-3980 to set an appointment.

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Vet in Aberdeen, NJ
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