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Are you and your family in need of an estate planning attorney in Miami, FL? Call (877) 616-2578 for the attorneys at the Law Offices of The Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez. We offer a variety of legal services with an emphasis on Miami estate planning, tax planning, foundations and guardianships as well as assisting successful business owners, professionals and families in the planning and protection of their financial security. Whether you need asset protection and living trust probate or estate settlement and estate assets assistance, The Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez is here to help!

We pride ourselves on providing the highest caliber legal servicing in a welcoming atmosphere, where clients can find their favorite beverages and fresh baked treats always being served.

If you need an estate planning attorney, a tax attorney or a guardianship attorney, Frye & Associates at (877) 616-2578 can help!

We have the perfect asset protection attorney that will help you with your complete asset protection. We are here to help you realize your goals. We can provide probate administration and set up your revocable living trusts. We even do offshore trusts.

The Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez will help you with your probate avoidance in Miami, FL. Call us at (877) 616-2578 today to discuss other legal services we can provide. We look forward to providing you with the services that you truly deserve. We will be there for you when you need us most!

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