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When you require assisted living in Croton on Hudson, NY, stay here at Springvale Apartments. One call to (914) 737-6954 will put you in touch with someone able to help you find the perfect senior apartments. Whether you want a two-bedroom unit for you and your spouse or are interested in efficiency apartments for seniors, we have a great place for you to retire in.

As we age, it may be necessary to have assistance to handle ordinary tasks of daily living. However, if you do not require that much help, you may want to call a Croton on Hudson assisted living center that will help you enjoy active senior living for many years to come. Come to our retirement community to enjoy many senior activities, clubs and trips.

Our goal is to provide seniors with as little or as much assistance as they require. We offer senior fitness classes including Tai Chi as well as senior transportation for shopping on every Tuesday and Friday and to medical appointments. That is why if you want a great place to enjoy retirement with the help you require for everyday things, we have a place for you at our garden apartment community overlooking the Hudson River.

Springvale Apartments offers assisted living in Croton on Hudson, NY in our beautifully appointed senior apartment community. Each unit includes gas heat, hot water and satellite TV, all in very affordable rent. Dial (914) 737-6954 to arrange a tour today.

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